Friday, August 16, 2013

Sassy Scarf

Scarf Similar

Let me explain the random cat picture first! My photographer/roommate Lauren and I went to Nottoway Plantation to take some pictures for the blog, and there was this adorable cat following us around. I figured why not take a picture of it?! Now, I'm really not a cat person, but I was wearing the big cat scarf so I thought it was meant to be! On to the outfit...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes sooooo much! If you read this post, you'll understand my obsession and excitement about the deal I got! I just think they're so cute! The dress is a great dress to transition from Summer to Fall & it's easy to accessorize. I went with a scarf to show more of the Fall side to it! The scarf is one of my favorites because it goes with almost anything - I got a little goofy with it towards the end!

I love and appreciate every comment! Thanks so much!

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