Thursday, May 29, 2014

donut daze

Pool Float: Urban Outfitters || Phone Case: ebay || Bodysuit: Forever 21 || T-shirt: Forever 21

Let's be real, every girl is looking for that hot bikini bod and ends up trying to starve herself the week before going on vacation. I happen to be one of those girls - don't worry, I'm not actually starving myself - but I have been trying to eat less junk food, eat healthier and workout more.  It. Sucks.  I've never really been one to crave sweets, but unfortunately college has changed that… I want candy ALL. THE. TIME. If you ask anyone who knows me what my favorite food is, without hesitation, they will respond with donuts. My life would be incomplete without them - not kidding.  Luckily, putting donuts on merchandise is becoming a real thing! The bad part is the whole "diet" situation… I'm failing miserably thanks to these delicious, round pieces of heaven. 

With all of that being said, I'm here to tell you ladies that you aren't the only ones having five cheat days a week… but we should probably cut back a little bit. I would rather have people think I had never touched a donut before in my life as I float down a lazy river in a donut tube, than have people think I bought two donut tubes but ate one of them before I got in the water with the other. Bottom line, I've sadly cut back on my donut intake, but I've seen progress! If there is something you love to eat but in no way is it helping you slim down, either cut it out completely or eat it on your ONE cheat day!

Confession: I actually own the donut phone case, and you would be surprised at how many compliments it gets!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Farmer's Market

Dress: Urban Outfitters || Bralette: Free People || Sandals: Steve Madden (similar & similar) || Necklace: Nasty Gal (similar) || Sunglasses: Ray Ban || Hat: Nine West || Purse: Street Level (similar) || Wrap Bracelet: Bella Bella (similar) || 
Tassel Bracelet: I made it!

Since I have been away from home all year and my summer is about to be jam-packed, I wanted a way to spend some quality time with my mother. What better way to do that than waking up early and heading to the farmer's market?! We had such a great time downtown and even ended up spending most of the day together! Enjoy!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kendra's Miami Fashion Challenge

I was recently contacted by Kendra Thornton, a well-known travel expert.  She has been featured on several news channels and shows such as Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus.  She offered me a fashion challenge and of course, I accepted!

Here's the challenge:

My latest fashion challenge is out! This time I am in need of an upgrade for my trip to Miami with my husband. We are taking a special romantic getaway and it's about time that I do something with my wardrobe that is a little bit more posh. There's no better time than for a trip to a fashion destination like Miami. Whether we are shopping or taking a boat out to the bay, I want to look and feel great no matter. To give you a better idea, these are some details of our getaway to Miami.
We are staying at a swanky place called the Delano South Beach Hotel. It's located right in the center of South Beach and is just steps away from the boardwalk. I fell in love with the photos of this hotel on the social media booking website gogobot. I am looking forward to the luxurious suites, premium amenities and amazing 3,200 square foot rooftop spa on top of the hotel. It's called Club Essentia.
While we're in Miami, we're going to be walking around a lot to get a good look at all of the different beaches, landmarks, art and culture that can be found here. I definitely want to check out the boutiques in Design District or just head over to the Lincoln Road Mall. There is some exceptional shopping here.
I'm so excited to be going on this trip. I have planned out a few nights to just spend celebrating with my husband, and I want an outfit that makes me feel special while making his jaw drop. In addition, I need a new bathing suit to finish off these selections. I hope there is something that you can put together for me that will make me feel gorgeous as we stroll down the boardwalk and spend time in the Miami sun. I'm so thankful for your advice and participation. I love your styles and can't wait to see the results of this challenge!
How fun does this challenge sound?! I started brainstorming immediately - when I think of Miami, I think sexy, bright colors, and a touch of neon! I put my mad skills to work and came up with these creations:

For a day at the pool...
Kimono Coverup 
Swimsuit Top in Coral Blaze
Swimsuit Bottoms in Coral Blaze

For a stroll down the boardwalk (which usually means shopping), a fun outfit is a must - and if wedges to the pool aren't your thing, these sandals are a great alternative…

Sandals - More sizes found here

For a night on the town, I chose this simple but sexy white dress to bring emphasis to the neon accessories - it'll cause heads to turn…

Heels - More sizes here
Lip Color in 01 Fuchsia Desinvolte

It has been so much fun working on this project and can't thank Kendra enough for this amazing opportunity! Enjoy your trip, take tons of pictures, and be fabulous!

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

currently craving

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Needless to say, my first year of college was hectic, which explains why I have failed to blog all year.  This year was absolutely amazing, and I wish I could relive every second of it! 
Mississippi State is wonderful, but Starkville is lacking.  In case it isn't obvious, I love clothes and shopping and everything fashion related (never would have guessed, right?), but Starkville has nothing.  With that being said, I just want to spend all of my money on fabulous things now that I am home, so here are a few things that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection of things…

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