Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Periwinkle Lace

Shoes ON SALE!
Necklace: Altar'd State NLA

This outfit may look familiar to some people - I wore it to my high school graduation - but I just love it so much! Plus, I didn't wear the necklace to graduation, so that makes it different, right? Close enough! It's another perfect Summer outfit for those of you who are looking to buy just one more great outfit! The back is my favorite part! Also, I love these wedges! They're the Sherri (named after my mom) from Dee Keller Designs, and they're on sale so grab a pair! They are neutral so they go with most things and best of all, they're comfy!! What do you think of this outfit?

I love and appreciate every comment! Thanks so much!

The Stylist

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  1. this blue is such a inspiration! we like it a lot!