Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Don't Dream It... Be It

Shorts Similar
Booties: NLA | Similar (also like these)
Thick Bracelet: Band | Saying

This is kind of just a fun outfit that could be worn for Summer or Fall! Add a cute little jacket and you could wear it all the way through October (if you live in the south)! I'm a bracelet girl, but I'm sad to say most of these are not mine so I'm not quite sure where they are from - but I absolutely love the one with the metal saying! It actually is mine, and it is my absolute favorite! I love the look of it and the saying! Now, my favorite thing is the necklace; hurry up and purchase it because they're about to be gone! I also love the shirt - it's Free People of course!

I love and appreciate every comment! Thanks so much!

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