Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spring Clothing Trends

1. Crop Tops 
{Dian von Furstenberg}

2. Fringe
{Herve Leger by Max Azria}

3.  Floral
{Oscar de la Renta}

4. Sheers
{Calvin Klein}

5. White Wide-Leg Pants
{Reed Krakoff}

6. Embellished Detail
{Wes Gordon}

7. Black & White / Graphic

While I'm sitting here dreaming of Spring & Summer, I just thought I would give you a heads up on what to expect for Spring 2014 - right off the runway. Enjoy!

The Stylist

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Issue

Let's be honest: I'm slacking big time.
Well, Mississippi State University is on my bad side right now. Last week, I was informed that the new dorm I am moving in to had a bit of water damage over the break. I drove to school on Saturday because they told me I would finally be able to move into my room.
I JUST moved in, so for the past few days, I have big living out of my car and sleeping on friends' couches.  Fun, right? Wrong.
This is the reason I have been slacking so much, and I sincerely apologize for it.
I hope to get things up and running again very soon - fingers crossed!

I would also love to hear your feedback on the blog - things such as what you don't like or things you would like me to add. If there is something you would like to see more/less of please let me know - Thanks!

The Stylist

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Today, I am introducing Poshmark to you! 
Have you ever wanted to shop in someone else's closet? Well, I have and now I can! Poshmark is an app to upload clothing, purses, jewelry, etc. and try to sell it. I just created mine and am loving it! This is what it looks like:

"My Feed" is where you can see the most recent uploads from
the people you follow. There is also a "My Likes" tab to
quickly seethe items you have "liked".  Then, there is the
"Search" tab to lookup whatever it is you hope you find.
Here are the listing details, where you can find up to 4
pictures of the item. It also includes size, details & price.
Details can include how many times it has been worn,
if a price tag is still on it, where it is originally from, and
the original price.

There are also "Parties" that you can be invited to, join, and/or
host it yourself. Parties can be based on designers, fabrics,
casualness of it, or seasonal wear. 

I have created a Page/Link on the top of the blog that will lead you straight to my Poshmark - please follow & enjoy!
(Looks like this:)

The Stylist 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Best of Blake Lively


As you may know, I'm back in the boot (Louisiana) for my much needed Christmas break.  The minute I got home, I told my mom we needed Netflix and boy was I right! I have finally finished every season of Gossip Girl, and I am so inspired. Blake Lively / Serena van der Woodsen is kind of my obsession right now - her style is AMAZING! I'm head over heels for it - whether she's dressed for an event or just dressed casually, she looks fabulous. Blake Lively is absolute perfection, and I must admit she's my girl crush (oops)! 
Then, I discovered her quote on Pinterest and my obsession grew stronger. 
What you wear describes YOU - no one else. When getting dressed, don't worry about what others will say about your outfit. If it makes you feel beautiful and confident, forget the rest. BE YOURSELF and wear what you want! I know it can be difficult - I struggle with it myself - but these words are something to live by, and I intend on remembering it every morning when I dress myself in a way that will show who I am. I hope you wonderful ladies do the same!

The Stylist

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!

I hope everyone had a blast ringing in the new year with tons of fireworks & glitter! Now it's time to turn your back on those bad times and habits in 2013, and set some achievable goals for 2014. Whether it's eating healthier, working out more, watching what you say, or even spending more time with the family, DONT GIVE UP - stick it out and watch your life change! Enjoy this new year! 

The Stylist