Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Treasures 08/06

I went on a little shopping spree today before I leave to go to college on Friday -  Wait, what?! I'm going to college! I still can't believe I'm moving out of Louisiana in less than three days!

Periwinkle Lace

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Summer Essentials

one | two | three
A fun romper for whenever!
A flowing, bright-colored dress!
A light-weight, fun colored maxi - highly recommend this!

four | five | six
A pair of cut-off shorts for every day!
A funky lace and/or fringe shirt that can easily be paired with a pair of cut-offs!
A pair of colorful, flowing pants - my favorite!

seven | eight | nine
A large, colorful tote to bring to the beach or wherever!
A neutral colored pair of sandals to wear with any outfit!
A pair of wedge sandals to dress things up!

ten | eleven | twelve
A good bronzer is a must to keep up with all of those ridiculously tan friends of yours!
A light, coral color to add a little color to your lips!
A tinted moisturizer is one of my favorite things - double duty - & make sure it has SPF in it!

Let me know what your summer essentials are!

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