Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Which Watch? Michael Kors vs. Fossil

I have recently discovered that I am going through a watch obsession right now. All I want to do is buy watches! I mean how can you not? There are so many fabulous ones out there! The real question is, "Which brand watch do I want?" Well, because of a bad experience, I go for Fossil watches. I know, I know, Michael Kors watches make you look cooler - they're so pretty and all that good stuff- BUT how good is the quality? I had a MK watch that I was in love with! It was the first watch I got (besides my lovely digital ones), so I made sure it was perfect. Well, it was, except for the fact that it always fell off; I swear the thing never stayed on! I went out one night and that was the last time I ever saw the beautiful thing - sad story, I know. Since then, I've refused to buy Michael Kors watches, and I now stick with Fossil - I LOVE FOSSIL (I've actually bought 3 new watches in the past 7 months - 2 in the past month)! So ladies and gentlemen, if you are searching for a new watch, I highly recommend going with Fossil! (On the other hand, if you're looking for a purse, MK all the way.)

Here are my beauties in the order I bought them:

Bought in December
Coloring is a tad off - Rose Gold
Buy It
Bought in June
Gold & Tortoise
Buy It
Bought in July
Gold & Black
Available @ Fossil Outlets

The Stylist


  1. They are both fabulous. I've been comparing the two, myself. I'm leaning towards Michael Kors. However, I just found out they are both made by the same manufacturer, that's why they look so similar in style.

  2. Adorei o último, tem a referencia? Onde vc comprou?

  3. Adorei o último, tem a referencia? Onde vc comprou?

  4. Fossil makes Michael Kors...They have the same build quality, which means you got a defective piece.

  5. Fossil has literally made Kors watches since 2004. This might be the funniest article on the internet.

  6. "The Stylist"..........