Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hello World!

       As cheesy as it is to say, fashion is my passion. I know, I know... Every fashion blogger says that, but it's true! Not only do I stare at and admire beautiful clothing, but I'm a hardcore shopaholic as well - I have shopping apps on my phone (as well as fashion inspiration apps), I shop online at least once a day, and when I'm bored, I head straight to the mall or some boutiques.
       I just graduated high school, and, lucky me, I had a hideous uniform to wear every day. With that being said, on weekends or after school I would put on something fabulous! Now I might not have the same style as every else, but how boring would it be if I did? I usually try to change it up a bit (one day I could be wearing more of a classy, preppy look, and the next I'll be found in something a little more edgy). It really just depends on my mood and new finds!
       My friends and family tend to describe me as a fashionista and a shopaholic. I wouldn't disagree with those terms, but I also think of myself as creative.  I often wander off into my own little world, thinking of new projects to work on in the days to come.  Of course, Pinterest helps me with ideas! It might take me a while to finish, but people are amazed when I bring my creations to life!
       Some might ask, "Why create a blog when there are many others out there?" Well, I want a way to express myself, and since fashion and blogs both do that, I figured why not start a blog to show my personal style? The majority of the blog will be fashion related, but I will throw in some other things as well - such as quotes, ideas, beauty tips, and just things I love. It has been my dream to start a blog and I finally am! I hope others find it helpful and inspirational as they travel into the world of fashion. I'm chasing my dream, now you chase yours!

 The Stylist

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  1. Love the first post, keep them coming!