Thursday, May 29, 2014

donut daze

Pool Float: Urban Outfitters || Phone Case: ebay || Bodysuit: Forever 21 || T-shirt: Forever 21

Let's be real, every girl is looking for that hot bikini bod and ends up trying to starve herself the week before going on vacation. I happen to be one of those girls - don't worry, I'm not actually starving myself - but I have been trying to eat less junk food, eat healthier and workout more.  It. Sucks.  I've never really been one to crave sweets, but unfortunately college has changed that… I want candy ALL. THE. TIME. If you ask anyone who knows me what my favorite food is, without hesitation, they will respond with donuts. My life would be incomplete without them - not kidding.  Luckily, putting donuts on merchandise is becoming a real thing! The bad part is the whole "diet" situation… I'm failing miserably thanks to these delicious, round pieces of heaven. 

With all of that being said, I'm here to tell you ladies that you aren't the only ones having five cheat days a week… but we should probably cut back a little bit. I would rather have people think I had never touched a donut before in my life as I float down a lazy river in a donut tube, than have people think I bought two donut tubes but ate one of them before I got in the water with the other. Bottom line, I've sadly cut back on my donut intake, but I've seen progress! If there is something you love to eat but in no way is it helping you slim down, either cut it out completely or eat it on your ONE cheat day!

Confession: I actually own the donut phone case, and you would be surprised at how many compliments it gets!

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