Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Today, I am introducing Poshmark to you! 
Have you ever wanted to shop in someone else's closet? Well, I have and now I can! Poshmark is an app to upload clothing, purses, jewelry, etc. and try to sell it. I just created mine and am loving it! This is what it looks like:

"My Feed" is where you can see the most recent uploads from
the people you follow. There is also a "My Likes" tab to
quickly seethe items you have "liked".  Then, there is the
"Search" tab to lookup whatever it is you hope you find.
Here are the listing details, where you can find up to 4
pictures of the item. It also includes size, details & price.
Details can include how many times it has been worn,
if a price tag is still on it, where it is originally from, and
the original price.

There are also "Parties" that you can be invited to, join, and/or
host it yourself. Parties can be based on designers, fabrics,
casualness of it, or seasonal wear. 

I have created a Page/Link on the top of the blog that will lead you straight to my Poshmark - please follow & enjoy!
(Looks like this:)

The Stylist 

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